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Natural Fix: How to Get Rid of A Planter’s Wart

June 23, 2016

Fast, Cheap and Natural Way to Get Rid of Planter's Warts (for good)Okay, we’re going to get a bit gross here.

Talking, planters warts.

It’s not pretty, people. I know, I know. But this issue drove me NUTS virtually everyone will have at least one (if not several) planters wart in their lifetime. FUN!

Basically, the odds are not in your favor.

Little bit of backstory/personal antidote: my mom is the quintessential midwestern woman. My dad’s from the Chicago area and we traveled a lot, which means I’d like to think I have a healthy mix of the big town attitude with small town upbringing. Well, like any solid midwestern woman, my mom was thrifty. Before she had us (her three kids), my dad said she was obsessed with Mother Earth News and would try and make everything, including trying to make ketchup from the tomatoes in her garden (no clue why, but they always bring this up as example of how hippie my mom can be). Props to her!

Well, her thriftiness and penchant for natural solutions has definitely been passed onto me as an adult. Again, I probably have a healthy mix of both natural and unnatural solutions, but when I find a Mother Nature-approved remedy? I’ll always down.

Okay. End of antidote.

Basically, what I’m saying is I tried to get rid of my planters wart the Big City way. I applied wart stick to the warts.


I went to a foot doctor, recommended by my primary care physician. On average, with insurance, every appointment was $25. Not bad, but that ish adds up! I saw my foot doctor a few years ago, maybe 7 or so times, before my wedding. Supposedly the wart was gone by then, so I breathed a sigh of relief, got married, honeymooned, came back, switched jobs and all of a sudden…that sucker was back! Not sure how it came back, but it was there. And so I continued with the wart stick and returned to the doctor.

Fast forward about 10+ sessions, and even though the wart was “shrinking”–according to my doctor–it still wasn’t gone. What’s worse is there was a crater in my foot–this ugly hole that kept trying to heal, but kept getting re-damaged by all the additional visits to the foot doctor.

I’ve been trying to save money (summer goal for real!) and decided that I needed to take a break from seeing the foot doc and try to treat it by myself. Clearly, the wart was still there and I was no less richer for it.

After a quick Google search, I found hundreds of people singing the praises of–wait for it–a banana peel, as an at-home remedy for curing warts. Sure there were a few (super disgusting) photos to prove it, and hundreds of great reviews, but I was skeptical. Mainly because I had been living with this wart on and off for nearly 5 years at that point (the first year I didn’t know it was a wart and thought it was a stubborn sliver). But, I gave it a go.

I religiously applied a small piece of (inner) banana peel to my wart every morning and/or evening, put a bandaid over it and left it there. When I remembered, I would change it out that evening or the next morning, depending on when I first placed it. There were a few times I didn’t change the bandaid for over a day, and a few times I had no banana peel on it and just bandaid.

I’ll spare you any gross pictures because, um, ew, but this is roughly what happened:

  • Week One: Fairly religiously placing banana peel on, with bandaid.
  • Week Two: Toward the beginning of the week, the wart area started to turn brown. I assumed it was some sort of natural banana peel stain (though in retrospect it might’ve been killing off the wart) and just pulled or scraped away any peeling skin around the area.
  • Week Three: The brown area’s gone, all the remaining layers of skin have been peeled back and now it looks like new skin is growing…I throw a bit of wart stick on it to be safe.
  • Week Four: There is nothing on my foot. The scarred area where the wart once was is now made up of new skin. Essentially, the underside of my foot looks like a normal foot. I’m skeptical. I keep a bandaid on it, until I can get a second opinion from my dad.
  • Second opinion: They’re gone!

And that is only based on what I remembered. Tbh, I remember the wart basically being gone within two weeks.

Maybe everyone’s a bit different, but this method seems to work on most people. And trust me, even though I’m big into healthy eating and being as natural and thrifty as possible, even I was skeptical.

I mean, a banana peel vs. science/freezing it off?

But I promise you, it worked.

If you want to try this at home, I recommend this:

  • Cut a small piece of banana peel to cover the area.
  • Apply a bandage over it to hold it in place. The best time of day to do this is definitely at night, where you can sleep while it works it’s natural magic.
  • Change it out for a new banana peel the next day, at the same time *or* swap it out for a fresh bandaid in the AM.
  • Keep at it religiously, for a few weeks at least.

Any who, I know this was gross, but I wish someone would’ve shared this with me. It would’ve saved me a shit ton of money and frustration.


Fancy + Fast At-Home Lox Breakfast

June 21, 2016

I’m all about fast and easy.


Let me rephrase, I’m all about fast, easy and healthy breakfasts. Or foods in general.

healthy loxI know people who love the art of cooking—they love coming home from a long day’s work, pouring a glass of wine and making some sautéed steak dinner, seasoned green beans and massaged kale…

You get the picture. They love to cook.

I love the art of watching the art of cooking (Anthony Bourdain is bae), because I have to be honest: I’m still not 100% game on the whole “let’s just throw away my night to make this meal.”

First, there are shows to be watched.

Second, I’m way too IMMEDIATELY hungry for that. See this.

Which is why I’m always excited when I discover healthy recipes that keep me full and are easy to whip up. Because, between Kero, work, trying to get back into my workout routine and meal planning, ain’t nobody got time for anything else. Literally.

healthy loxI’ve always been a fan of lox, but not a huge fan of capers or any of the other things they put on lox. Not to mention the fact lox is always served with a carb-loaded bagel that I could should probably do without. Also, my stomach has an on-and-off again relationship with gluten.

Which is why this simple breakfast is so superb.

  1. The sourdough is low in gluten.
  2. The lox has healthy fats that keep you full.
  3. Grass fed butter or ghee is also a super healthy, keep-you-full fat.
  4. Eggs are a clean source of protein and—you guessed it—also keep you full.

Basically, this is a hearty breakfast you can whip up in no time. I hate to say it, but it’s not even worth a digital recipe card (how dare I, I know).

Here’s the play-by-play:

  • Fry your eggs using either ghee or olive oil.
  • Toast some homemade or baker’s fresh sourdough (I get a loaf from Whole Foods).
  • Spread the ghee (or grass fed butter) on the toast, lay on some lox and top with eggs.

Then, enjoy!

healthy lox


Link Love

June 13, 2016

Link Love


Link Love

June 6, 2016

Link Love

Ugh, I’m a day late and a dollar short. Isn’t that always how it is…

This weekend was both busy and chill. Got a lot done, spent a lot of time in front of the TV (not entirely a bad thing) and spent a lot of time outside, including biking on my new bike (that I got on Craigslist, so not 100% new because..budget). Hope you all had a good one and have a productive Monday!


Link Love

May 30, 2016

Link Love

Spending my 3 day weekend cleaning and doing nothing. Much needed. Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend yourselves!


Link Love

May 16, 2016

Link LoveHappy Sunday evening, all. Had a super busy Sunday celebrating my baby sister’s college graduation. Last girl in the fam to graduate. Pretty BFD. So yay her! This next week is going to be another busy one. Praying for sunny skies because these grey clouds have got me like, um, no thanks. Basically, let’s all kill it this week okay? Get our shit together and whatnot. Also, if you follow me on Snapchat, don’t mind the major Panda vibes I threw down earlier today. It’s just such a catchy song and I have to imagine Snapchat designed that filter with Desiigner’s song in mind.


Ridiculously Tasty Grilled Cheese That’s Stupid Simple to Make

May 13, 2016

I’m from Wisconsin, so you can’t kill me when I say I love my cheese.

Is it good to consume a lot of cheese? No. Is cheese good for you? No. Is it tasty as hell? YASS.

not so average grilled cheeseSo every now and then OF COURSE I’m going to indulge. But when one (me) has been granted the magic of grilled cheese for the majority of one’s life, one develops a certain palette and wishes for a little extra oomph to differentiate an adult grilled cheese from its childhood equivalent.

Are you still following me? Isn’t this whole “one” thing fun!?

not so average grilled cheeseOkay, enough of the teasing. Time to get down to busyness.

Sometimes you need a taste of nostalgia! Yet you’re basically grown now so Kraft singles is no longer an acceptable option (and really, was it ever?). Which is why I created this beauty.

You know I’ve made/shared a simple grilled cheese before. But then my body was like, “Surprise! You’re now allergic to avocados!” So I had to personally nix that recipe on the double.

But you want to know what I love about this new recipe? Parts of it are actually kind of still healthy. Kind of.

Sure, we already established that cheese isn’t really the best thing to be consuming in mass quantities. However, the other ingredients aren’t too shabby. Check it:

Grass-fed butter

  • It’s loaded with Vitamin K, which “de-calcifies your arteries.”
  • It’s a great source of butyrate, which helps fight inflammation.
  • Countries where people consume grass-fed butter? Yeah, there’s a dramatic decrease of heart disease.
// source

Sourdough bread

  • Personal note: You know how my stomach is basically a hot mess? Well sourdough is basically the only bread that doesn’t send my stomach spiraling off in some terrible direction. And this is probably why…
  • Sourdough is easier for the body to digest because 1) lactic acids make the vitamins and minerals in the flour more available to the body. And 2) the gluten in sourdough is more digestible.
  • Doesn’t cause spikes in insulin.
// source

Just feast your eyes and then go make one! I swear it’s stupid simple. Seriously. I honestly don’t think it’s worthy of a digital “recipe card,” but why the hell not.

Ridiculously Tasty Grilled Cheese That's Stupid Simple to Make
It's easy. It's good. And it meets the judgeyness of your adult palette.
Recipe type: Dinner
  • Fresh/homemade sourdough bread
  • Smoked gouda (I used Trader Joe's slices of Smoked Gouda)
  • Sharp Cheddar
  • Grass-fed butter
  1. If bread isn't sliced, slice two pieces and apply grass-fed butter to one side of each piece of bread.
  2. Put a bit of of grass-fed butter into the pan. Or more...or less...depending on your mood.
  3. Place one piece of bread--butter side down--into the pan. Layer gouda and cheddar cheese. Place the second piece of toast on top, butter side up. Wait till bread is golden brown and cheese is melting, then flip until other side is golden brown.
  4. Enjoy!

not so average grilled cheese


What I’m Reading | May 2016

May 11, 2016

MustRead | May 2016If you haven’t gotten the drift, I haven’t had a lot of time/energy/focus to get a lot of reading done. And honestly, I hate myself for that. I love reading, but I always go through bouts where I won’t read for a month or so, and right now…I’m going through one of those periods. So bear with me, because many of these books are ones I’ve already mentioned, but I’m still reading them…

  1. Gang Leader for a Day: I’m obsessed with this book. In case you missed my last few book thoughts (where I’m basically still reading the books I’m currently mentioning), it’s about how a sociology student embeds himself into the Black Kings. I could never be a sociologist or psychologist, but why or how people do what they do is so fascinating to me. And how environment plays into that? Oh, the trifecta. Did I mention this nonfiction piece takes place in Chicago? Um, it does.
  2. Come As You Are: Love reading a variety of books and this definitely is a random one about…wait for it…the female orgasm. Ah, now you get the title right? Haven’t read too much yet, but I’m excited to learn more. Science can be fun when it’s, fun.
  3. The Goldfinch: Naming this one PURELY so I will annoy myself enough to finish it. Pretty sure I’m going on year two of trying to read and complete this book. Any recos out there? Anyone? Bueller?
  4. Rising Strong: I’m a new Brene Brown convert, so I was super excited to get this book. I’m a few chapters in and liking it so far but…we’ll see what I get out of it.

In case you were wondering, yes I read all these books at the same time. It kind of goes along with my personality of trying to fit way too much into a small amount of time. Plus, I get distracted or want to read a non-fiction book when I’m reading a fiction one (or visa versa), so it’s an easy way to cover all my bases at one time.

I’ll update you if I *ever* pause an episode of Shahs of Sunset and do my mind some good by finishing one of these books. Jury’s still out right now…