healthy halloween round-up

healthy happy halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m so excited Halloween fell on a Friday this year. In fact, I propose every Halloween is on a Friday–we need the weekend to recover from our influx of candy (alcohol). Ryan and I are having dinner and drinks out, then coming home to watch scary movies. Low key perfection. Whether you’re like… 

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worth the cheat: mini halloween cakes

mini halloween cakes #midwestlovefest

Let’s continue on the Halloween-themed train, shall we? But before we begin, I have to say: no these are not healthy. I know, it’s a bummer. The only “healthy” part about them is they aren’t made with corn syrup or unidentifiable ingredients (with the exception of the Milano cookies and the Oreo crumbles). Just simple,… 

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moto monday [ed 17]

flowers for moto monday

It’s Halloween week! Huzzah! Can’t you tell by my fall-themed flowers? Not Halloween-themed because I believe black flowers are dead flowers. I clearly love the holidays. Have you gotten that vibe? It’s pretty obvious. So this week, I’m going to take every advantage of Halloween themes and scary things and sweets…within reason, of course. Did you also… 

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healthy chicken pumpkin parm bake

pumpkin pasta bake

Pumpkin, guys. It’s not going anywhere yet. At least not for me. Of course it’s getting colder here in Chicago, so I suppose it’s only natural that I’m craving warmer things–soups, hot pancakes, pasta! Pasta, pasta, pasta. It’s kind of not the best for you, but dammit it’s good. And we all still need carbs!… 

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6 years of misery: how I finally put a name to my stomach pain

dealing with unknown digestive issues

Forewarning: This is a long post. It’s been a long couple of years, so I want to share everything I went through in hopes it helps people out there struggling to find answers to their stomach problems too (as I’ve seen many women struggling in medical forums). So grab some chai tea and a cozy blanket,… 

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