the fastest and thriftiest way to decorate for Thanksgiving Day

thrifty thanksgiving day decor

Sorry this is a bit late and these photos are smaller than usual, but I shared this DIY decor last year on my old blog. Then that blog got deleted, so…I thought I’d re-share on here! Still relevant, especially when I’m posting this a day before Thanksgiving–when you’d probably need to decorate in an uber… 

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moto monday [ed 22]

moto monday

[source] ▲this week, I’m craving: relaxation, good food & space to dream ▲ Hey guys. I’m feeling burnt out today. Not exactly sure why–Monday blues, the weather, the slight exhaustion from the impending holidays–but it’s not my favorite. So you KNOW I’ll be reading happy links today. Starting…meow: +Awesome round-up to get you cookin’ for Thanksgiving…. 

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nummy 5 minute healthified grilled cheese

healthified grilled cheese

I am so sorry about these orange-tinted photos guys. This whole “daylight savings time / no sunlight after 4 PM” is really harshing my mellow. There are literally not enough hours in the day. But moving on from my tale of woe…this grilled cheese. Now, I’ve been off grilled cheese for awhile. At one point… 

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moto monday [ed 21]

motivation to start your monday off right (via

[source] ▲this week, I’m craving: warmth, art supplies & inspiration ▲ Holy crap it is cold here in Chicago. Like, the 20s? WTF did we do to deserve this? Oh right, global warming. Well, I don’t know about you but I had a fairly productive, yet slightly relaxing weekend. I wish it was longer, per… 

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