3 ingredient, dijon chicken recipe (uber easy and with less sugar!)

easy dijon chicken recipe - three ingredients and less sugar

It may be only a few weeks into 2015, but I have tried to keep my schedule booked. Places to go, books to read, new (or returning) shows to catch up on…you get the picture. But with all this stuff going on, I’ve had less and less time for whipping up new, elaborate meals. So… 

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recap + results of The LeBron Challenge

the challenge to consume no added sugar

Warning: Extra long post ahead Okay, time for a little recappity-cap of the “no added sugar” challenge, also known as The LeBron Challenge. Essentially, Ryan and I gave up sugar  tried and failed to give up sugar for 10 days. Why do I do these diets, guys? Why. I suck at them. I’m like a… 

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decadent + easy sweet snack (no sugar added)

easy sweet snack

Happy hump day, lovers. Well, the LeBron Challenge is officially over for Ryan and I. Hooray! I’ll be sharing more on that Friday. In the meantime, I wanted to share this easy, fast snack I made while I was abstaining from added sugar. It’s insanely decadent. I’m talking, wedding appetizer decadent. But also, extremely simple… 

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moto monday [ed 29]

keep hustling | moto monday

▲THIS WEEK, I’M CRAVING: ENERGY, COLORS & CHANGE ▲ Happy beautiful Monday! Figure if I throw a “beautiful” in front of it, the day will seem slightly less … Monday-ish. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I accomplished a few things and…fell behind in a few things. So all in all, an okay… 

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etsy items i’m loving

etsy items I'm loving this month // midwestlovefest

gold necklaces // body scrub // wall calendar // beanie // mug // phone case // buddha Happy hump day, ya’ll. Minus this terrible cold I’m still battling (I’m such a baby when it comes to getting sick), this week has actually been pretty productive. Maybe it’s from the holiday break or the new year refresh, but… 

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moto monday [ed 28]

moto monday // midwestlovefest

[source]  ▲THIS WEEK, I’M CRAVING: HEALTH, CHANGE & DRIVE ▲ Today is more than likely your first day back at work after a two week holiday hiatus. With that comes a pretty universal sigh, at least for most of us. And, of course, there are those same anxieties, worries and frustrations that take more than a new year… 

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10 days no sugar: The Lebron Challenge

what i'm doing for the next 2 weeks // midwestlovefest.com

Awhile ago I mentioned watching Fed Up, but never updated you guys because Ryan JUST got around to watching it with me. On top of that, I was convinced I wrote an entire post about Fed Up that…apparently was in my draft folder. I’m losing it, guys. I’m losing it. Okay, let me refresh your drink… 

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what I’m watching in 2015

what are you watching this year?

The holidays really have me thrown. I legit thought today was Friday and yesterday was…not. So, that’s the reason this post is late (read: my excuse). Confusion. Though this is a random post anyway. Basically, I need some ladies to talk to about my TV obsessions. I know TV isn’t the healthiest activity, but it… 

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