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10 days no sugar: The Lebron Challenge

January 3, 2015

what i'm doing for the next 2 weeks //

Awhile ago I mentioned watching Fed Up, but never updated you guys because Ryan JUST got around to watching it with me. On top of that, I was convinced I wrote an entire post about Fed Up that…apparently was in my draft folder. I’m losing it, guys. I’m losing it.

Okay, let me refresh your drink on what all this Fed Up babbling is about:

+I watched Fed Up, an awesome documentary that exposes the dangers of sugar and the processed American diet (I highly recommend giving it a watch, obviously).
+I talked to Ryan about doing a 10 Day No Sugar Challenge with me, but he wasn’t on board until I rebranded it “The LeBron Challenge” (because Lebron James did a similar, albeit more extreme, dietary change over the summer).
+Yesterday I FINALLY got Ryan to watch Fed Up and we are both starting The LeBron Challenge on Sunday!

In case you haven’t watched Fed Up, here’s some cliff notes:

  • Though fitness is an important part of staying healthy, it’s a misnomer that if you work off more calories than you consume you can fight obesity.
  • Not all calories are created equal (160 calories of almonds and 160 calories of Pepsi will enter and sit in your body in majorly different ways).
  • Always check your ingredients–sugar is found in EVERYTHING. Though it has many names (corn syrup, glucose, honey, molasses, raw sugar, natural sugar, cane sugar etc.), your body treats it the same way. And too much of it overloads your liver and converts straight to fat.
  • Unlike fat and carbs (which are badmouthed, but actually have an important place in a healthy diet), sugar has no nutritional value.
  • Sugar can cause diabetes and cancer.
  • Sugar and cocaine have the same reaction in the brain. AKA Sugar is majorly addictive.
  • The food industries in America have worked hard to get children and minorities addicted to sugar.
  • Health companies have even purchased stock in the food industry (food industry = pumps people with junk and sugar = causes disease = health industry treats disease = $$$ for the health industry).

And those are just the highlights; the tip of the iceberg. The documentary also focuses on the lives of three obese children and how their quality of life, self-esteem and happiness are affected by misinformed parents, the government, advertising and fast food having their fingers in our school systems.

Okay, enough of my impassioned rant.

Ryan and I are starting the 10 Day No Sugar Challenge tomorrow. We are following these guidelines (plan A) from Sunday-Tuesday of the following week. If you want, you can join us! Or, you can inform yourself and wait for a recap.

We both agreed now would be the best time to take this challenge, since the past few weeks have consisted of way too much sugar (holiday) and not enough working out. I’ll let you guys know how it goes in, um, about 10 days. In the meantime, feel free to join or give the documentary a watch!

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