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21 sweet ideas for your honey

February 10, 2015

As mentioned last week, this Valentine’s Day has me a bit…lost. Just one of those years where everything is in flux and I’m not 100% on my gift-giving game. That’s okay. Ish happens. That’s why I rounded up these 21 ideas for you ladies out there who, like me, need a little love-related inspo.

21 last minute valentine's day gift ideas for your fella1. Start the day off with a decadent homemade breakfast…possibly in bed?

2. #Treatyosweetie with little heart desserts.

3. See / hear / smell / touch / taste surprises.

4. “You float my boat” easy-to-assemble gift basket.

5. Collect and gift all your happy memories.

6. Keep V-Day going year-round with 12 months of dates.

7. Or, use “open when” letters. For those icky days.

8. For long distance situations or deployed soldiers, mail your kisses!

9. A scratch-off Valentine’s card that reveals other fun date ideas.

10. Put together a bag of his favorite things.

11. Make a balloon chandelier (with cute photos of the two of you) over your bed.

12. “I love you because..” printable art that you can frame and write on throughout the year.

12 last minute valentine's day gift ideas for your fella13. If you’re with a “Words with Friends” enthusiast, this artwork might be perfect.

14. A deck of cards = all the ways you love your bf/hubby.

15. Put your kisses on display.

16. Forget standard bouquets. Say it with bacon.

17. Or, booze it up with a “man” bouquet.

18. “I love you more than…” cookies. Which is really saying something, if you ask me. (P.S. Can’t find a source for this – if it’s yours, let me know!).

19. Love letter scavenger hunts.

20. Favorite candy + puns.

21. And, if you’re feeling extra frisky, the game of love.

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