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50 ways you know you’re from the midwest

October 23, 2014

midwest is best

Hey guys! So you know that recipe I was talking about yesterday? Yeah. It turned out, but not 100% as I had planned. And if I’m going to share something you with you guys, it needs to be the best. So I’m shelving that idea for now and replacing it with a little Midwest lovin’.

Basically, when you live in the Midwest, you know a few things to be true. I mean of course we are all different, but there are definitely some things that will stick with you when you’re raised in the Midwest. Thus, this list was born. And please, if you have any more to add – I would love it! Throw them in the comments below. I want to add as many as possible to create the best, most Midwest-y post.

50 ways you know you’re from the midwest

  1. It’s hailing and snowing, but you’re driving like it’s 75 and sunny.
  2. You were DIYing before it was a thing.
  3. You’ve been told you have an accent.
  4. You’re 25 and everyones wondering why you’re not married yet.
  5. Weather affects 99% of your day-to-day choices.
  6. Also, weather isn’t real. Nature does what it wants and the Weather Channel is full of lies.
  7. You know what beerbutt chicken is.
  8. Vacation is a direction: Up North.
  9. Most of your town knows your last name.
  10. Your neighbor has a cough? Bird flu? Her dog’s brother died? You know to bring a dish over.
  11. You’ve been drinking since you were practically a fetus.
  12. Cream puffs can end wars.
  13. ”Bonfires” are the only place to be on Fall weekends.
  14. Lakes > oceans.
  15. You aren’t afraid of a little dirt.
  16. Cheese curds only count if they’re squeaky.
  17. Seasons are the best thing, ever. Except for the last 4 months of winter.
  18. 4H.
  19. You know Lowes has nothing on Fleet Farm/Farm & Fleet.
  20. It’s always better to be nice.
  21. Tracker races are a thing. You don’t necessarily get why, but they are.
  22. You’ve seen some type of animal either give birth or die before you’ve turned 10.
  23. No one appreciates summer or sunshine like you do.
  24. Pre-winter 55º and post-winter 55º are two completely different temperatures.
  25. 10 inches of snow? A blizzard you can barely see through? Pack up, you’re still going to school.
  26. You may not know where the hell you are, but if someone asks for directions, you’re damn well going to try to help.
  27. You’re an adult, but you met most of your current BFFS in kindergarten or high school.
  28. You know how to wrangle children, get a stain out of the carpet, sew some drapes, stuff a turkey and housetrain a dog.
  29. You have two fears in life: ticks and your football team losing the Super Bowl.
  30. Your parents party just as hard as you do, and they aren’t even retired.
  31. Also, you know that no one really ever retires in the Midwest.
  32. If you could live in yoga pants and your Northface jacket, you would.
  33. Most of your friends parents’ were doing barn weddings before it was in vogue.
  34. Autumn means colorful trees, scarves and hayrides.
  35. Family will always come first.
  36. You know how to keep warm in the most extreme circumstances.
  37. You could relate to That 70s Show.
  38. Manners are real, and you will never stop writing thank you notes.
  39. Your football team’s biggest rival is the team in the next state.
  40. You’ve considered moving West, but then Spring arrives.
  41. You know brown bears aren’t just roaming around your woods. They’re a delicious campfire dessert.
  42. At some point in your life, The Buckle was the pinnacle of high fashion.
  43. Red Hot Chili Peppers or Dave Matthews Band. There is nothing else.
  44. Most of your extended family can drink you under the table.
  45. Marriage is for life.
  46. Basements are one of the only acceptable places for teenagers to hang out.
  47. You’ve had a job longer than you’ve been legally driving.
  48. Farm to table was a reality for you, not a movement.
  49. The only other place you want to be is somewhere warmer.
  50. Deep down, you know the Midwest really is best.

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