Ridiculously Tasty Grilled Cheese That’s Stupid Simple to Make

May 13, 2016

I’m from Wisconsin, so you can’t kill me when I say I love my cheese.

Is it good to consume a lot of cheese? No. Is cheese good for you? No. Is it tasty as hell? YASS.

not so average grilled cheeseSo every now and then OF COURSE I’m going to indulge. But when one (me) has been granted the magic of grilled cheese for the majority of one’s life, one develops a certain palette and wishes for a little extra oomph to differentiate an adult grilled cheese from its childhood equivalent.

Are you still following me? Isn’t this whole “one” thing fun!?

not so average grilled cheeseOkay, enough of the teasing. Time to get down to busyness.

Sometimes you need a taste of nostalgia! Yet you’re basically grown now so Kraft singles is no longer an acceptable option (and really, was it ever?). Which is why I created this beauty.

You know I’ve made/shared a simple grilled cheese before. But then my body was like, “Surprise! You’re now allergic to avocados!” So I had to personally nix that recipe on the double.

But you want to know what I love about this new recipe? Parts of it are actually kind of still healthy. Kind of.

Sure, we already established that cheese isn’t really the best thing to be consuming in mass quantities. However, the other ingredients aren’t too shabby. Check it:

Grass-fed butter

  • It’s loaded with Vitamin K, which “de-calcifies your arteries.”
  • It’s a great source of butyrate, which helps fight inflammation.
  • Countries where people consume grass-fed butter? Yeah, there’s a dramatic decrease of heart disease.
// source

Sourdough bread

  • Personal note: You know how my stomach is basically a hot mess? Well sourdough is basically the only bread that doesn’t send my stomach spiraling off in some terrible direction. And this is probably why…
  • Sourdough is easier for the body to digest because 1) lactic acids make the vitamins and minerals in the flour more available to the body. And 2) the gluten in sourdough is more digestible.
  • Doesn’t cause spikes in insulin.
// source

Just feast your eyes and then go make one! I swear it’s stupid simple. Seriously. I honestly don’t think it’s worthy of a digital “recipe card,” but why the hell not.

Ridiculously Tasty Grilled Cheese That's Stupid Simple to Make
It's easy. It's good. And it meets the judgeyness of your adult palette.
Recipe type: Dinner
  • Fresh/homemade sourdough bread
  • Smoked gouda (I used Trader Joe's slices of Smoked Gouda)
  • Sharp Cheddar
  • Grass-fed butter
  1. If bread isn't sliced, slice two pieces and apply grass-fed butter to one side of each piece of bread.
  2. Put a bit of of grass-fed butter into the pan. Or more...or less...depending on your mood.
  3. Place one piece of bread--butter side down--into the pan. Layer gouda and cheddar cheese. Place the second piece of toast on top, butter side up. Wait till bread is golden brown and cheese is melting, then flip until other side is golden brown.
  4. Enjoy!

not so average grilled cheese

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