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April 14, 2014

health habits | This past weekend has really given me pause to think. I haven’t felt the happiest the past few weeks, though really there is no reason to be sad. I should be grateful–I have a wonderfully supportive family, a caring fiance and a career in my chosen field. But somedays my perfectionism kicks in and I begin to evaluate my life with an unnecessarily harsh, unforgiving light.

Luckily, this weekend was finally slow–no where to really go and nothing to really do–and I was finally able to revert back to my “happy place.”  I drank lemon tea. I enjoyed flickering candlelight and red velvet pancakes. I began to feel the all-too-familiar calling of my laptop–encouraging me to start my next book (like I really need another side project though).

It was through these reflective moments of clarity, I crafted a healthy habits manifesto of sorts to help guide me through those muddled moments, when I may not be thinking as clearly or positively. Hope it helps you too, either in the future or now, on this somewhat evil week day (Monday).

more yoga, less idleness.
more writing, less browsing.
more meditation, less stress.
more mindful eating, less mindless consumption.
more peace, less conflict.
more cooking, less ordering.
more individuality, less average.
capture the beautiful memories, release the negative thoughts.
be yourself entirely, love yourself completely.

Now I’m off to make Monday a little bit less Monday-y and a little more magical. Right now I’m thinking of carving out a lunch break centered around a tasty latte and good book, with an errand or two thrown in. What are you going to do to shake the Monday blues?

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