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moto monday [ed 40]

April 6, 2015

motivation for your monday | ed 40Can’t believe this is edition 40 of moto monday. Truth be told, I’m kind of getting tired of this series. Bet you weren’t expecting me to say that, huh?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sharing links with you guys…but maybe I should be doing that on Facebook or Twitter, and share more personal insights on here.

I suppose this “epiphany” moment came last week when I became practically obsessed with Jenna Kutcher’s blog. I started following Jenna on Instagram (I think?) after realizing she was a Wisco-based photographer. But I never knew she had a web presence until I serendipitously decided to visit her website. Her voice is so approachable, it’s like reading a good book you don’t want to put down.

I miss writing like that.

Blogging is so weird because you have bloggers like The Skinny Confidential who are so staccato and short with posts (which totally works for her brand and tone!), but then I see posts like Jenna’s and I’m like, oh yeah. I’m a writer. I really enjoy writing…I forgot!

I suppose I started shortening my posts because of time–time spent writing the post and time you spend reading it.

I know the internet is reprogramming our brains to have shorter attention spans and figured I needed to play into that. But then, I go and read blog posts like Jenna’s and realize the insane power of a compelling story, which trumps all sorts of various attention spans.

With that in mind, I might tweak these moto monday posts starting next week…maybe making it a bit more personal? What do you think? I haven’t really decided yet. TBD.

For now, though, enjoy the 40th edition of moto monday, link-style:

+this girl will rule the world one day.

+can’t wait to see this movie.

+ri ri is a goddess.

+it might be good to know this is happening.

+my april calendar (this doesn’t include the San Fran wedding we have to go to, Ryan’s dad’s birthday, moving to another apartment in Chicago, turning in our leased car, my parent’s visiting, my great aunt’s wedding and my grandma’s birthday brunch celebration).

+current fave (upbeat) song.

+animal love.

+interesting read for all you lifestyle entrepreneurs.

+moving/decorating our new apartment has me on a huge interior design kick, and i’m drooling over these digs.

+a beautiful desktop wallpaper to usher in the new month.


moto monday [ed 39]

March 30, 2015

motivation monday | ed39

hello darkness monday, my old friend.

ah, we meet again.

how was your weekend? do anything interesting?

I planned on just relaxing and doing nothing. And…I was very successful at that. Sunday was especially dreary and I swear the weather pressure messes with me, emotionally. I know, I know. I’m a grandma–“Oh the weather did it!” Guess if the shoes fits…

Luckily for my mood wings, this week will be slightly shorter (by a 1/2 day) because of Easter. It also means I’m going home to be with family for a bit, which is always uber refreshing–to just get out of the city and be in the comfort and quiet of Northern Wisconsin.

Plus, on an exciting note (like I mentioned last Friday), Ryan’s home from New York today and we’re hoping to go for a walk by the lake tonight (it’s supposed to be 58º!), followed by…

picking up the keys to our new apartment! Woohoo!

I’ll probs do a bit of a snapchat (username: midwestlovefest, in case you wondered) video tour around the place since it will be my FIRST time ever seeing it.

Yes you read that right, first time ever visiting the apartment we are about to rent for a year. But, like I said before, Chicago real estate will do that to you. I also trust my husband a pretty crazy amount, so that helps too.

Hopefully, taking this next step forward–into leasing own apartment as a married couple–is just the start of other positive life changes (…and no, not kids). Because I could use a few happy change-ups.

Okay okay, enough of my blabbering. Just ignore my nonsense and enjoy these random links I found for you:

+this video made me cry. Some humans can be so mean, but other humans make life worth living.

+I’ve really been into healthy sandwiches recently and need to try this ASAP.

+THE CUTEST thing you will see all week.

+holy cow…this. Reminds me of WILD by Cheryl Strayed. More here.

+beautiful photo. #loveyobody

+too adorable. PS #onwisconsin

+one of my favorite talks by one of my favorite people. Never gets old (and NEED to get her book).

+let’s never be so mature that we can’t enjoy jumping on beds.

+for all you stress balls like me.

+missed SNL on Saturday, but this makes me wish I hadn’t.


moto monday [ed 38]

March 23, 2015

#motivationmonday on #midwestlovefest

I realized while sitting down to write this that I’ve never explained why I write these motivation monday posts. So I thought I’d give you a quick idea, in case you’re new to the blog (and if you are – welcome!).

Basically, I want midwestlovefest to be a happy, aspirational and inspirational space. To show the world that the “meat” of America is more than hicks and ignorant dicks. This my small voice in taking back that stereotype.

Basically, this blog celebrates expectance and positivity. Every time I see a negative topic “trending,” it makes me feel like the world is a dark place and it’s impossible to make a difference. I don’t entirely believe that’s true, but when you’re bombarded with those kind of messages it can be a bummer. So these #motivationmonday posts are my little uplifting dent in the universe.

Okay, now that we got the definition figured out, let’s get down to the monday biz-ness::

+One of my favorite lady bosses interviewing one of my favorite bloggers.

+I’ve stumbled on this video a few times over the years, but it still warms my heart.

+This is just one more reason I want to go to sxsw someday.

+So excited for this movie (I love John Green), I just might go buy the book too.

+This man always makes me laugh. So random.

+How to be happy.

+The sweetest story.

+What an inspirational young woman. #makinmoves


moto monday [ed 37] + some pretty big news

March 16, 2015

mot moday ed. 37 (happy links to start your week off on the right foot!)Good morning Monday-goers!

I haven’t been this happy on a Monday in awhile. Why, you ask? Um, if you live in Chicago you might have an inkling, but…there’s supposed to be a high of 68 today! What, what!? I am super duper excited (said in a She’s the Man voice – anyone else obsessed with that movie?).

Plus, I had a relaxing weekend for once. Literally, the first relaxing weekend I’ve had in awhile, where I just sat around and shuffled through my bloglovin and pinterest. Complete perfection.

But, I will miss Ry. He’s headed out for work for (basically) 3 weeks today. Such a jet-setter. Guess that leaves me to clean up the condo and start packing…

Oh, wait. Did I not tell you!?

*dramatic pause*


Move in is April 1st, but with everything going on (Easter, Ryan being away and then both of us traveling to SanFran for a few days for a wedding) we thought we would take the whole month of April to move. Very thankful for that flexibility.

Okay, and now some #motomonday ::

+Life hacks of highly successful people.

+This is everything to me.

+Great discussion and tips on owning a biz with your better half

+Very odd video compilation, but adorable friendship.

+Call me a nerd, but I am fer sure seeing this movie when it comes out.

+I get that this is basically an ad, but I love it anyway.

+Smiles for days with this one.

+I’m all about these life tips.

+Insanely in love with whales. How peaceful.

+This is the idea I live by.

+This girl is gewd.

+This makes me really want to get back into throwing. Also, there’s something crazy soothing about watching a potter at work.

+I’m not 100% sure how this is possible, but it sure is beautiful.

+One of my fave memes. Such a Monday feeling (but with a laugh).

+Loving these tips on how to freshen up your home for spring.

+This documentary is for sure going on my future to-watch list. #girlpower

+Everything this man stands for is ah-mazing.

+This biz + what it stands for is too cool. More travel please!

+Caring about the work you do.

+Don’t know how I feel about a brand doing this…but the message was very touching.



moto monday [ed 36]

March 9, 2015

#motomonday - ed36

Happy Monday, ya’ll!

Today is crazy, insanely busy for me. Does it feel that way for you? Or are you just fighting the feeling because it’s Monday…again?

This past weekend also felt too busy and flew by too fast. I mean, you know you’re cramming too much into your life when you write “paint nails” in your planner for over a week straight…and you have yet to actually paint your nails.

Definitely one of those weekends where I tried to fit way too much (going out, supporting friends, working, cleaning, trying to make moves) into two days. After Wednesday, things should settle down a little bit for me. But until then, I hope these lighthearted links keep you company…

+Have you seen/heard this yet?

+This video is beautiful. Gosh, I love art (and artists).

+I miss beautiful, long exchanges, like these emails. Oddly, makes me want to pick up a card and pen a note to a friend.

+I love this because I love food and thoughtful people. And kind business owners.

+This lady used to be my favorite fashion designer. I love her use of bold color and quirky, carefree attitude.

+This whole thing makes my heart happy.

+I like Adam Levine more now because of this (also because this boy is too cute).


moto monday [ed 35]

March 2, 2015

moto monday // ed 35 // midwestlovefest.comHello all and happy monday.

Last week was…rough. Everything keeps getting in the way of blogging, and it’s bumming me out man! So please forgive my repeated absence.

I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching recently. Hence that quote up above. I’m realizing, as a female, I tend to ask for a lot of permission. More than my male counterparts and definitely more than I should if I want to continue working toward my goals. Really hoping to change that this year.

On that random note, here’s a bit of motivation to power through this Monday:

+How to be more optimistic.

+This vacation.

+The cozy joys of winter.

+Spotify is blocked at the office, so we’ve all been listening to this playlist on repeat.

+Youngest, self-made billionaire ever is a lady! Boo-yah.

+If Monday is leaving you feeling less than happy, here are 5 ways to turn that frown upside-dizzity.

+Fave new “wishful thinking” blog (as in, I wish I could wear a bikini year-round…also, I need to go to the gym more).

+Why not everyone can like you.

+One of my favorite therapies.

+Kind of loving my horoscope for this week.

+And this.


moto monday [ed 34]

February 23, 2015


[sourcecurrently craving: calm, organization & positive news

Hey guys!

Sorry I took a little unplanned week off. Everything has been feeling like a whirlwind lately, and I guess I needed a week to be a bit of a bum and collect my thoughts and energy. Hope you’re not cross with me!

You may have noticed I also switched up the layout of this blog. Do you like it, or should I go back to the little summaries (rather than a whole post)? Let me know what you prefer. I just thought I’d switch it up and try something different.

That being said, let’s get pumped with some positivity:

+As someone who’s looking to move soon, I especially appreciate this small room makeover.

+Get pumped to get your pump on this week with these motivational chalkboard sayings.

+If you’re at a crossroads in life, try this site.

+Wonderful takeaway from last night’s Oscars.

+How the most productive people stay productive.

+I’d love to start sending more cards this year and this is such a cute place to start (plus some awesome hand lettering tips).

+Create a more positive morning ritual.

+Pretty images + pretty clothes = motivation to get moving this Monday.


moto monday [ed 33]

February 9, 2015

motivation monday // links :) [sourcecurrently craving: change, a healthy body & peace

Happy Monday!

This Monday, I’m actually feeling more energized than normal. First off, if you don’t mind me just spilling my guts here, I did a semi-assisted headstand in yoga yesterday! As in, the instructor helped me get up and once I was up, she let go and I was able to stand there by myself! What’s insane is I never thought I would be anywhere close to pulling that off. And I was afraid to try. But I did it and it was awesome.

Also, I’m probably a bit more excited about this week because, even though Ry is gone for the next week for work in NYC, I’m joining him out there on Friday! He’ll probably have to work through the weekend/V-Day, but…my best friend lives out East and I’ll get to spend a much-needed “Galentine’s Day” weekend with her.

Oh, and I’m getting my hair cut today. EEK. I’m always terrified to get my strands chopped. That’s what happens when you have thick, naturally curly hair. Bad haircuts are inevitable, until you grow up and find a hair dresser you love. Which, I did, but still makes me anxious every time I sit in that chair. Anyone else have that?

Okay, enough of my blabbering, ha. Let’s get a dose of happiness:

+This weekend = Valentine’s Day = start to #loveyourbody

+Awesome way to look at your fitness habit.

+Sorry, it’s Valentine’s week. That means things like this are important.

+I know it’s an ad, but it’s so cute!

+Things like this are all the motivation I need.

+Christ Pratt is the man.

+Can every apartment be this beautiful and cozy? Also, SanFran.

+Not sure if you’ve been following this story, but this is how I know there are still good people out there.

+If you’re single, #treatyoself for Valentine’s Day. Or, if you’re not single. Treat yourself anyway!


moto monday [ed 32]

February 2, 2015

moto monday[source] currently craving: clean food, sleep & blankets.

Morning guys!

Hope you’re not too hungover from your Super Bowl parties last night. I swear I’m hungover in a food (not alcohol) sense. Yes, pizza and tasty restaurants (note: it’s Restaurant Week here in Chicago) are nice, but not when you wake up Monday morning thinking, “Why am I so puffy?/Where did all my ab definition go?”

So this week, I’m focusing on getting back on the “horse” and eating A LOT cleaner, in order to cleanse my body of all the gross toxins and bad food buildup. Hence my motivational image choice today (need to keep that summer body front of mind!).

Also, since I’ve been slack-a-lackin’ the past week, I’m going to try and make it up to you guys with an extra long moto monday links list. Especially since most of my Midwest lovers are probably knee deep in snow right now and need a laugh + inspiration now more than ever.

+(video) Holla wisco!

+(video) Since the Super Bowl just happened…football things…and more football things.

+#girlboss moment.

+Chicago’s getting even more stylish.

+The art of not giving a fuck.

+Tips on how to beat the winter blues.

+(video) Can we all have a cabin like this (shoutout to the owners who live in MKE!)?

+I’m looking forward to being a cliche and going to see 50 Shades when it hits theatres with my bestie (Galentine’s Day!). But…this is still funny.

+(video) How to find fulfilling work.

+(video) This guy taught himself robotics, started a company and got a job at NASA. Oh, and he’s 19. What are you doing today?

+(video) I love juice, but this is funny.

+If you’re missing Serial, start reading these books.

+How to evaluate your life, daily.


moto monday [ed 31]

January 26, 2015

moto monday on midwestlovefest


currently craving: mental and physical peace, iced coffee (check!) & meditation.

Today I am definitely in a #Mondaze. And this has apparently lasted since late last week since I didn’t post on Friday. Lo siento. I’ll make it up to you guys with a little extra post this week. Also, do you love the new logo change? The hand-painted vibe just felt better to me. What do you think?

Any who, I’m clearly in a funk myself and need a little motivation extra badly today. SO leggo:

+Newish fave upbeat/”happy” song.

+Success = stepping outside your comfort zone.

+How to be happy.

+Corgis forever (and a live cam)!

+All the swimming holes.

+Randomly excited by these sunglasses. Maybe because they remind me of Summer.

+I don’t want to be a mom anytime soon, but I love ads that break barriers/are about just love and being united.

+Ellen D gives the best interviews.