meal worth the cheat: chicago pizza & oven grinder company

June 27, 2014

A few weeks ago, Ryan and I headed to a Disclosure concert (see: video below if you don’t know who this is; spoiler: he’s a DJ) at The Lincoln Park Zoo. Obviously, we couldn’t just head over there and hang out till 10pm, we had to get some grub!

Now, living in Chicago, you will become a foodie. It’s just a given. Forget all the times you’ve told yourself you can’t be a foodie or you’re just a “plain” eater. Living here, you end up loving food and embracing any sort of experience that introduces you to a new way of looking at or eating your meal.

I have always heard good things about the restaurants in the Lincoln Park area, but we needed to find a place close to The Zoo and a place that was fairly well rated on Yelp. After scrolling for a bit, I found Chicago’s Pizza & Oven Grinder and we decided to give it a try.

As our taxi dropped us off, I mistook the restaurant for an apartment since the exterior looks somewhat like a house. Then, like a complete idiot, I used the wrong door before finally finding the right door and stepping inside. The interior was very cozy–the staff mainly navigated a narrow hallway with tables on one side and booths on the other. The whole vibe made me feel like we had stumbled upon another secret, Chicago gem.

chicago pizza & oven grinder reviewHoly yum and a half, the food at this place was delicious. I knew what I wanted already because I had read their menu online and saw they were known for their “pizza pot pies.” Ryan took a bit longer deciding, per usual. While we waited for our dinner, we nursed red wine and nibbled on a monstrous piece of Mediterranean bread (after I saw it being dished to a neighboring table), which we were told to eat with our hands.

chicago pizza & oven grinderThe bread was insane. Nutty, cheesy, season-y. Just delicious. I couldn’t stop eating and both Ryan and I literally tore the thing apart.

can you believe this is a pizza?can you believe this is a pizza?As you can maybe see in the back of this image, Ryan ordered some sort of sub thing, which he loved. But I’m sorry, this vegetarian pot pie was the winner of the night. It was insane. Gooey, oozy deliciousness. The crust was perfection and the small size helped me convince myself this was one cheat meal that may not be that bad…right? That small size?

Well, whatever. This meal was completely worth the cheat. I’m hoping I can take my parents next time they are in the city, and definitely recommend you stop by if you’re ever in the area!

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