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DIY wedding favors (perfect gift for two writers)

November 7, 2014

Last wedding post this week, guys! I wish you could all sit on the couch, scrolling through photos and watching video with me. It’s weird how just looking at photos can transport you. Even though I didn’t expect it to be emotional, the day was so special…it’s hard to look back on it without feeling anything. In fact, I go out of my way to not look at the photos if I’m in an emotional state because I know I won’t be able to handle it.

That being said, before I share how I assembled our wedding favors, I thought I’d share our wedding video with you. Which makes me even more emotional than photos!

We were so lucky to get two young guys who usually do advertising/consumer-type work to take a break and come film Our Big Day, pretty last minute too, since we had trouble deciding whether to hire a videographer or not (I HIGHLY recommend you do). Not only do we love how the video turned out (side note: I serendipitously found that song! How amazing is it?), but they were a perfect fit for our wedding. After they were done recording, they just hung out with our friends and family (many of who thought they were both very cute). Win, win!

Blah. I love it.

I also REALLY loved our cake and wanted to show you a few photos, especially since it was baked and decorated by our family friends at Vandewalle Bakery. They’re based in my hometown of Appleton, but can drive around the area to drop off cakes. Lucky for us, they were also invited to our wedding, so they hand-delivered it to us (or The Pfister) in Milwaukee.

wedding cake inspo #midwestlovefest wedding cake inspo #midwestlovefest wedding cake inspo #midwestlovefestI used this photo for inspiration, which was minimal outside, but we did NOT go minimal with flavors.

The bottom flavor was red velvet with cheesecake, the middle layer was chocolate and the top layer was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (which was a surprisingly huge hit). Our florist then came in and added those beautiful flowers. We brought the cake topper (purchased on Etsy, of course), which was originally supposed to say “love,” but we had custom-made to say “lahve” since it’s an inside joke between Ryan and I.

Well, unbeknownst to us, lahve is actually a word. One of our friends at the wedding was confused by our cake topper (which I definitely expected, but Ryan didn’t care if people were confused) and so she Googled it and found this definition on Urban Dictionary:

Unlike the root word love, lahve is a word that expresses a kind of adoration and closeness that most people do not possess. It describes the connection that certain friends have when they are so close that it is almost sexual but in a silly way. It is difficult to lahve someone you are in a relationship with but possible. Repeating the letter “h” in the word lahve enhances its meaning to show even more urgency of the need to express this emotion.

Is that serendipity at work again? Or am I just overusing that word because I love it so much?

I also bought these forks to “feed each other” the first bite of cake, instead of shelling out for a cake cutting set we would never use again. I prefer the forks. They are cute. I’m even considering framing them…
wedding cake inspo #midwestlovefest wedding cake inspo #midwestlovefestI was in love with this cake. And so was everyone else because they ate all of it! Apparently we were the first wedding ever to have the entire cake consumed by the end of the night.

Okay, now on to the favors.

Keeping with the artsy-type theme, I wanted them to have a watercolor look (similar to the name tents). Because everything else was so white, I felt it would be nice to have them standout in some way. We went back and forth a lot on what exactly we would give as gifts, but ended up deciding to give them notebooks and pencils. It felt right since Ryan and I are both writers AND a notebook is actually something people would use!

centerpiecesSide note: Aren’t those centerpieces heaven? I used this photo for inspiration and LOVE what our florist did. It meshed so well with everything.

We went through a few snafus, but everything turned out fine in the end. And it wasn’t too hard to assemble either! If you want to do exactly what we did, but the right way, here’s how:

First, purchase Steno notebooks (or another notebook of your choice). The cheapest I found were on Amazon, but there prices have since gone up (from 99 cents to about $5). Look for wholesale pricing, if you have a guest list that is higher than 100 since it will be a way cheaper alternative.

Next, purchase a writing utensil. We purchased these eco-friendly pencils in a variety of blues and greens (to go with the color palette of our wedding). I believe she gave us a “wholesale” deal as well, but make sure to ask for them if you’re dealing directly with the maker/seller. You never know!

We sorted through various patterns, and purchased a custom listing for tiny notebooks to also go along with the larger ones as a fun bonus. You definitely don’t have to do this and, even though the mini notebooks were cute (and people ended up writing in them and leaving them for us to read, which was sweet), I’m not sure we would purchase them if we could do it all over. Kind of redundant.

Finally, go to an office supply store (or online) and look for Avery Printable Tags. Following the directions, print a pattern and “thank you” saying that matches with the vibe of your wedding. They have a few pre-made patterns, but I used a watercolor scan I had lying around. I then wrote a thank you that played off the fact Ryan and I were both writers (it read: “Thank you for helping us write our love story.”).

diyfavorOnce you have assembled all the parts–big notebook, small notebook, pencil, and thank you tag–take hemp (or your choice of string) and, starting on the back, tie one knot. Then, flip the notebook over and tie another tight knot. Make another knot to secure the pencil to the notebook. Then, thread the hemp through the hole in the thank you tag and tie one more time, adding a bow. If you have the mini-notebook, place it securely below the pencil, so it hangs on one of the strings.

And that’s it!

That’s all she wrote folks.

I mean, there were definitely more parts to the wedding–more gifts, more details and all that–but I don’t want to drag this out for months, ha. Of course, if you do have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via insta, facebook or in the comments! I’d love to help lessen the stress of any bride-to-be because…I’ve been there.

tons of great wedding DIYs and info for to-be bridesThanks for letting me share all of this with you guys!

Hope you all have a safe and cozy weekend. I’ll be busy cooking up some posts for next week (pun intended) and getting my hair did (FINALLY).

Till Monday…

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