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DIY name tents

November 6, 2014

DIY wedding name tentsEven though a good portion of our wedding was taken care of by the The Pfister or other vendors, we still wanted a lot of elements to feel made with love. Hence why it was so important for us to buy local or from artisans or to do these little DIYs.

This name tent DIY is uber easy. I got the inspiration, as always, from Pinterest, but couldn’t find the exact type I wanted. So, I made them! And they were literally the easiest DIY I did for the wedding.

You’ll need:
+Pad of watercolor paper (make sure it’s not too thick since you’ll have to crease it later)
+Watercolor paints
+Micron pen or skinny-tipped Sharpie marker
+(optional) Boning tool

First, go to a copy/cut supply store with your watercolor paper. You can cut these cards yourself if you have a ton of patience and are a perfectionist with an X-acto knife, but it’s faster and less frustrating to just go to a store that can laser cut them for you.

Each card should be cut to 3.5 inches x 5 inches. The number of sheets you’ll need to give them depends on the dimensions of your watercolor paper and how many name tents you need. You can also talk to them about what your needs are and they should be able to help.

DIY wedding name tentsAfter you have your stack of name tents, the fun begins!

We had four different food options and color coordinated our name tents accordingly. I thought this was better than those weird stickers that are thrown on name tents. For example: pink was salmon, blue was beef, green was vegetarian and yellow was chicken nuggets (kids). Obviously the staff at The Pfister had this color code sheet, which was necessary since we had open seating.

Choose your colors, or one color if you don’t need to color code, and haphazardly paint in the middle of a card. It’s not supposed to look perfect, so use some water and let the paint flow how you want! You can also sprinkle on some salt for an added effect (would look something like this).

Next, write the name of your guest on one side of the card, using a Micron or Sharpie marker.

DIY wedding name tentsFold it over, and crease it using a boning tool, ruler or just your hands.

DIY wedding name tents DIY wedding name tentsSince the water from the watercoloring can cause a bit of a bend in the paper, I recommend placing a few at a time under a book/some sort of weight. Not too long though, or they will stand so straight you won’t be able to make them into tents!

card6card1DIY wedding name tentsI’m really happy with how they all turned out. Side-by-side, all the cards looked so gorgeous and artsy, which was the total vibe of our day.

What do you think?

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