21 gifts and ideas for galentine’s day

February 11, 2015

If you’re not a Parks and Rec mega-fan, like myself, maybe you haven’t heard of this wonderful little holiday that happens this Friday, before Valentine’s Day. Yes, that’s right. Galentine’s Day (here’s a bit of info if you’re not familiar).

I absolutely love this little made-up holiday. It goes back to the idea that Valentine’s Day is about love – love for your family, yourself, your friends and your significant other.

I’m planning on celebrating Galentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day this year, since Ry will be busy with work and Maria is coming into the city to hang out and go to museums with me!

Think you’ll plan a little girly get-together?

21 Galentine's Day ideas1. If you can, throw a brunch. Pink flowers make it even prettier.

2. Have a legit party based on these awesome ideas.

3. Make these red velvet oreo truffles together. And don’t feel guilty about it.

4. Drink and be merry with a DIY mimosa bar (and nail polish goodies).

5. Or gift one of these gems.

6. Pink velvet martinis.

7. Be anti-boys together.

8. Whip up these smarties shooters.

9. “Bake” these pretty “cookies.”

10. Keep it healthy with a heart caprese salad.

11. Throw together (and devour) these magic cookie bars.

12. Get fancy and serve up some panna cotta.

21 Galentine's Day ideas13. Red velvet cheesecakes, yo.

14. Have a card making/cocktail party.

15. Make and break (piñata) hearts.

16. DIY the perfect year-round decor to love.

17. Throw a glitter-themed bash.

18. Send or share a card.

19. Have a spa day or make your own.

20. Have a movie night. Pajamas, necessary.

21. Go on a coffee / movie / ice skating / walk in the park date.

And, in case of emergency: Galentine’s Day inspiration.

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