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Why I’m Going Vegan This February

February 10, 2016

delicious vegan bars

Did you know that I was vegan for a time? Probably not because I’m essentially a cheese addict (though, #funfact, basically everyone who eats cheese becomes a cheese addict). So, when my friend Dan said he was considering going vegan for the month of February, there was no hesitation. I was on board.


Well, honestly, I’ve tried most of the big diets: Paleo, gluten-free, juicing, plant-based, vegan, vegetarian and no restriction (All American diet), and I felt the best when I was vegan (and fairly gluten-free as well, if we’re being honest).

The reason I went back to eating the Western diet (minus milk, which I gave up during my vegan phase and continue to stay away from) was because it was a bit difficult to restrict my diet when I moved back to the Midwest. Which is a serious bummer and something I hope changes soon. I want more acai bowls!

That said, I never pass up a chance to go vegan for a time.

IMO it’s best to experiment with what works best for your body. Eating, whether we like it or not, is not a one size fits all (unless you’re talking about replacing junk foods with whole foods, in which case yes, no matter what your body type, that will benefit you). I know that I operate best with limited amounts of meat (Paleo was WAY too much meat for me and made me feel really heavy and sluggish) and just a bit of dairy (mainly cheese because I can’t give that up for life). However, I haven’t really been abiding by those rules recently, choosing instead to stuff my face with crap.

I’ll be real about it. I slid off the “eating healthy” slide. Fast.

But now, I’m trying to get back on. And that starts with what I put in my mouth (get your heads out of the gutter!), which is why I joined Dan.

If you want to join, it’s never too late. Okay, well it might be a week or so late, but no one’s going to tell on you, I promise. And, guess what? It’s a short month. BONUS.

Follow my vegan Pinterest board if you’re interested in trying the lifestyle and observing how it affects your health. Maybe just try it for a week. It’s not as restrictive as you may think, it just requires a bit more forethought.

For example, the no bake, damn good brownies from Minimalist Baker that I made the other night. #bombdotcom

Just give veganism a chance, see what parts work with your body’s needs and let me know what you think!


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