healthy halloween round-up

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween everyone!

I’m so excited Halloween fell on a Friday this year. In fact, I propose every Halloween is on a Friday–we need the weekend to recover from our influx of candy (alcohol).

Ryan and I are having dinner and drinks out, then coming home to watch scary movies. Low key perfection.

Whether you’re like us and you’re looking for a good snack, planning a party or just bringing a sweet plate to pass, I wanted to round-up a few of the “healthiest” Halloween treats on the Internet. Better for you than Reeses, but still tasty. Let’s just say that. Because you can’t let one (or three) days completely derail you, but you still have to indulge…I mean, it’s the holidays!

healthy happy halloween!1. pumpkin fudge // 2. apple bites // 3. candy corn popsicles (made with fruit juice!) // 4. skinny pumpkin frapp // 5. mini halloween cakes (they’re small, guys!) // 6. nana popsicles // 7. vegan peanut butter balls // 8. cheerios & chocolate pumpkins // 9. vegan caramel covered apples // 10. caramel grapes

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