A Fantastically Fast At-Home Lox Breakfast

June 21, 2016

I’m all about fast and easy.


Let me rephrase, I’m all about fast, easy and healthy breakfasts. Or foods in general.

healthy loxI know people who love the art of cooking—they love coming home from a long day’s work, pouring a glass of wine and making some sautéed steak dinner, seasoned green beans and massaged kale…

You get the picture. They love to cook.

I love the art of watching the art of cooking (Anthony Bourdain is bae), because I have to be honest: I’m still not 100% game on the whole “let’s just throw away my night to make this meal.”

First, there are shows to be watched.

Second, I’m way too IMMEDIATELY hungry for that. See this.

Which is why I’m always excited when I discover healthy recipes that keep me full and are easy to whip up. Because, between Kero, work, trying to get back into my workout routine and meal planning, ain’t nobody got time for anything else. Literally.

healthy loxI’ve always been a fan of lox, but not a huge fan of capers or any of the other things they put on lox. Not to mention the fact lox is always served with a carb-loaded bagel that I could should probably do without. Also, my stomach has an on-and-off again relationship with gluten.

Which is why this simple breakfast is so superb.

  1. The sourdough is low in gluten.
  2. The lox has healthy fats that keep you full.
  3. Grass fed butter or ghee is also a super healthy, keep-you-full fat.
  4. Eggs are a clean source of protein and—you guessed it—also keep you full.

Basically, this is a hearty breakfast you can whip up in no time. I hate to say it, but it’s not even worth a digital recipe card (how dare I, I know).

Here’s the play-by-play:

  • Fry your eggs using either ghee or olive oil.
  • Toast some homemade or baker’s fresh sourdough (I get a loaf from Whole Foods).
  • Spread the ghee (or grass fed butter) on the toast, lay on some lox and top with eggs.

Then, enjoy!

healthy lox

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