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November 2, 2016

Link LoveHappy Tuesday guys!

This time I swear I have a semi-good reason for the late post.

Packers game followed by the Cubs game.

I know, when did I get so sportsy?

Well, I’ve always been a ride-or-die Packers fan, but with the Chicago Cubs in the World Series too!? It’s been a bit of an overload, not that I totally mind.

And then, well, Monday is Monday. So…

Yeah. Let’s play catch up. Here are a few of the links I’ve been browsing over the past few days:

  • Some in-depth info on Scorpio’s New Moon, happening tonight.
  • I’ve been thinking a lot about weight loss and fitness and healthy living. And what’s healthy living vs. obsession and *not* living because you’re healthy. Because of this back and forth in my mind, I’ve been frequenting this forum. And by frequenting, I mean hanging out in. Lots of the ladies have recommended this program. Has anyone tried it?
  • Go Tim Gunn!
  • This is a good reminder, especially after these past few weeks.
  • Go Zayn for speaking out.
  • Is this heaven?
  • Don’t let anyone knock your hustle.

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