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February 7, 2016

link love | midwestlovefestI hate inconsistent posting, yet I seem to do it often. Sorry about that.

I see this blog as a fun, creative outlet, to share inspirational things from my Midwestern brain and around the heartland. But the OCD in me gets hung up on consistent posting, pretty images and clear language. I’m trying to break that habit and just press publish, but it’s not always easy. Especially when life is unpredictable, and every time I have a good handle on things, life throws me a new curveball.

Last week was a whirlwind, so let’s hope for a consistent, peaceful coming week, shall we?

  • This cover of Bieber is pure, gorgeous talent.
  • So, I’m tempted to read Playboy now..? WTF.
  • This is both scary and cool. But mostly scary because I’m scared so easily.
  • This video is breaking everything. Love her and can’t wait to watch the halftime show today.
  • Been watching Under the Dome and am STUPID obsessed with this actor. And no, he doesn’t have an account on Instagram. Trust me, I checked.
  • Trying to save money by cutting down on my out-of-home cafe purchases. That’s why I’m browsing Pinterest hard, trying to find the best way to use my Trader Joes cold brew. Any recommendations?
  • Have I also mentioned the Coldplay + Beyonce song? Love it.

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