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February 21, 2016

link love | midwest love fest

Ughh is it Sunday already? How did that happen? Probably because I’ve spent the weekend trying to catch up on sleep, which has been slightly unsuccessful I might mention.

I’m attempting to get back to a normal sleep schedule, so I can wake up by 6 this week and rock it out at the gym. Hope you all had a successful, happy weekend.

  • James is making me like Justin. Well, that and his catchy hits. Dammit.
  • Ronda Rousey’s chat with Ellen DeGeneres is heartbreaking, yet so human and inspiring.
  • So many pretty pictures.
  • This is for every time you want to sign up for something, but don’t want to provide your actual email.
  • Things you only have to buy once. I’m down.
  • Stories like this one make me want to give it all up to be a vet.
  • I’m at my wits end, so yes. I really need to start meditating. Luckily, there’s this guide.
  • Love this interview with PR #GirlBoss Sydney Reising.
  • Why is no one else talking about this moment!? American government working with 5 different alien races? The skeptic in me thinks, “HELL NO.” But the weirdo in me thinks, “OH FOR SURE this is happening.” What do you think?
  • I love Adele.

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