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January 10, 2016

link loveIt’s back! The post were I share all the inspirational, interesting and/or creative happenings I collect from around the web. May it start your week off on a good note.

  1. More Steven Avery updates (though I can’t even indulge in the conspiracy theories – there are just too many now).
  2. Who else loves Whine About It? Read this.
  3. This Conan video made me smile. She did great btw. If that was me, I would’ve been terrified (too much pressure).
  4. Wonderful point about Oprah Winfrey and her new WW ads, which I’m not sure how I feel about (since WW is a pretty solid, healthy weight loss program for those who need it).
  5. #LadyPower right hur.
  6. Bookmark worthy: how to get rid of negative energy.
  7. So, sharks are living in volcanos now. Yep, guess that’s a thing.
  8. New Sia song (penned and produced by Kayne).
  9. How to keep your New Year resolutions.
  10. Queen Bey vs Channing is everything.
  11. This is basically my dog. Except, not with a stuffed animal. And on my bed.

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