moto monday [ed 17]

October 20, 2014

motivation fo yo mondayyGuys, weekends are the shit. I don’t think anyone denies that fact. But this weekend, was seriously gorgeous. And by that, I mean I went home to Wisco and took way too many pictures of all the beautiful leaves falling from the rainbow-colored trees. I loved it. There is nothing better than that.

Nature and Autumn are awesome.

And even though it was all fairly relaxing, you know me. I ended up sorting through hundreds of my magazines (which will be donated to Harbor House – yay!), building two photo backdrops, attempting a new cookie recipe (#fail), and seeing the movie The Judge (very good…nearly cried, like, three times).

I also visited my g-master (grandma, for all that don’t know) in Evanston, after driving three hours back to Illinois. So, needless to say, I am a bit pooped today.

So I propose we just rejoice in the creative, fun and happy things today. Beginning with these links:

+Starting the week off with a healthy dose of cuteness.

+Two simple tips to help you eat better at night (even when you have no energy).

+Great #girlboss advice.

+This is funny, cute and…okay, sorry, but I’m a Packer’s fan. I couldn’t stop smiling.

+Finally a breakdown of the “healthier” seasonal Starbucks drinks.

+This heroic man almost made me cry this morning.

+Shark support is real.

+I’m not sure if this is meant to be funny, but…I’ll have you decide.

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