moto monday [ed 38]

March 23, 2015

#motivationmonday on #midwestlovefest

I realized while sitting down to write this that I’ve never explained why I write these motivation monday posts. So I thought I’d give you a quick idea, in case you’re new to the blog (and if you are – welcome!).

Basically, I want midwestlovefest to be a happy, aspirational and inspirational space. To show the world that the “meat” of America is more than hicks and ignorant dicks. This my small voice in taking back that stereotype.

Basically, this blog celebrates expectance and positivity. Every time I see a negative topic “trending,” it makes me feel like the world is a darkĀ place and it’s impossible to make a difference. I don’t entirely believe that’s true, but when you’re bombarded with those kind of messages it can be a bummer. So these #motivationmonday posts are my little uplifting dent in the universe.

Okay, now that we got the definition figured out, let’s get down to the monday biz-ness::

+One of my favorite lady bosses interviewing one of my favorite bloggers.

+I’ve stumbled on this video a few times over the years, but it still warms my heart.

+This is just one more reason I want to go to sxsw someday.

+So excited for this movie (I love John Green), I just might go buy the book too.

+This man always makes me laugh. So random.

+How to be happy.

+The sweetest story.

+What an inspirational young woman. #makinmoves

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