New Look, Same Midwest Love Fest

June 3, 2015

new midwest love fest!

Hey again.

Two posts in two days? Craziness, I know. I just wanted to quick drop by and let you know why I ended up tweaking Midwest Love Fest a bit.


I wanted to have a header that was a bit more simple and lifestyle and less “painterly” since that insinuates this might be a strictly creative or painting blog. In reality yes, I love talking about DIYs, painting and other creative pursuits, but this blog is more than an artistic oasis (ha), it’s about living a simple, healthy and wonderful life.

“Tag Line”

While Life + Diet of a The Girl Next Door (my last tag) completely embodies what I am about, I don’t know what it really does for you. I also wanted to expand the feel of the blog because, again, I want it to be about more than healthy food and canvases; to expand it into a real lifestyle blog.


Obviously, the About page had to be tweaked a bit. Essentially it’s the same info as before, just aligning it with the new “simple, beautiful” living; what a real midwest lifestyle is about. 😉

Thanks again for being a reader of Midwest Love Fest and going through these constant fluctuations with me. I love sharing things on this space and hope this will give you better content to read and enjoy! Huzzah!

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  • Reply Marianela June 16, 2015 at 10:38 am

    Love the new look and tag line Nicole! I keep thinking of changing mine up too…just a matter of time!

    • Reply nicole August 30, 2015 at 3:32 am

      Ha, I’m terrible with this and change it all the time.

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