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November 20, 2014

healthified grilled cheeseI am so sorry about these orange-tinted photos guys. This whole “daylight savings time / no sunlight after 4 PM” is really harshing my mellow. There are literally not enough hours in the day.

But moving on from my tale of woe…this grilled cheese.

Now, I’ve been off grilled cheese for awhile. At one point I was like, “NO carbs!! NO cheese!!” and for a good reason with my stomach problems. But by some haphazard genius, I put this healthy(ish) combo together and fell in love. No issues, just goodness.

Obviously it’s grilled cheese, so it’s pretty easy to make. Something you throw together after a hard day, when you need a dinner that warms you up.

healthified grilled cheeseIt’s basically not worth a recipe, since it’s so easy. You’ll need:

+Butter (I use grass-fed, unsalted butter from Kerrygold)
+Healthy bread (I use flaxseed)
+Goat cheese
+Ripe avocado
+A bit of olive oil or cooking spray

Spray a pan with olive oil and heat to medium (or medium-high, if you have no patience like me and can monitor it closely). Use butter to coat one side of the bread and put it butter-side down onto the pan. Spread avocado on top. If your avocado isn’t ripe enough to “spread,” then chop it up prior to laying it on the bread, so it’s easily distributed. Next, take the other piece of bread and spread a good layer of goat cheese on it. Put the bread down, so the goat cheese is on top of the avocado. Then, spread the butter on the top and flip over, until both sides are golden brown!

If you want to make it even healthier (and, in a way, easier)–sub the butter for olive oil spray.

healthified grilled cheese healthified grilled cheeseOh, and if you’re wondering where this delicious-looking tomato soup came from, I can’t take credit. I got the ah-mazing recipe from here. It took about an hour to make, but there are tons of leftovers and it was far better than that junk that comes in a can.

SO good.

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