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October 6, 2016

October Wallpapers

We’re 5 days in, folks.

October (basically Fall) is here.

Instagrammable foliage, cozy sweaters and all the candles my arms can carry out of TJ Maxx (#Maxxinista lol).

I really think Fall is my new favorite season. I used to be a semi-typical Midwesterner and say that summer was my favorite season–it’s pretty outside, it’s warm and it’s my birthday (July 26 in case you were curious), but I always forget how disgustingly hot the summers can get here. Or maybe that’s just global warming. Either way, I’m such a sweater/cardigan/layers girl that I am WAY too excited for the temps to start dipping. But only a little bit. High 50s, low to mid 60s. That’s my jam. Below that though? Um, nothanksbye.

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Hmm, well what else is new with me? Nothing much really. Been doing a lot of work on myself, if I’m being honest. Just trying super hard to take better care of myself. Trying to take more time to chill the F out.

It’s weird how as an adult you begin to identify all the little habits, behaviors or beliefs you pick up from your parents, or other influential people in your childhood, and how they help or hinder you as an adult. Most people probably don’t enjoy digging up past experiences, good or bad, but it’s such an important exercise to do. Whether it’s with the help of a therapist (woohoo for therapy! really need to break the stereotype with that, btw), meditation or journaling, I think it’s always good to take a look back and challenge why you think or act the way you do now. Not only does it make you a happier, more well-rounded person, I also believe that the most successful people are the ones who don’t just accept their circumstances or beliefs–they’re constantly challenging themselves and trying to be better. And that’s what I’m doing.

But that’s just one girl’s opinion.

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Aside from that, I’m busy reading again. Which feels super good, if I’m being honest. I’m trying to replace some of my reality shows with books. Will let you know how that goes, obvii.

But I’m also really trying to step up my healthy eating / working out routine.

Download these October wallpapers!

download “sweater weather” wallpaper

I just realized I’ve been to the gym every single day this week, which feels awesome. I’ve been doing a mix of yoga, strength training, cardio and #BBG. So either tomorrow will be a rest day…or not. Going to listen to my body and see what I can do (Ladies Days has me feeling a bit lethargic and lacking in energy). But aside from that, I’m really trying to develop a healthier relationship with my food, especially now that I’m stepping up my workouts. Guess it goes with my whole “working on taking care of myself” theme. Which, the colder seasons are kind of awesome at–forcing you to be inside and sort of care and take account of where you are, emotionally, physically or otherwise.

Any who. That’s all I have to say today. Oh, and download these desktops because they’re pretty cool, don’t you think?

Gosh, I love Fall.

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