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April 8, 2015

sharing some personal thoughts today on midwestlovefest.comApparently I couldn’t wait till next Monday and wanted to start sharing a few personal thoughts with you this hump day…

I’ve recently become obsessed with this notion of not being a victim of your circumstances. I’ve seen so many people play the victim role in the past few years and you know where it gets them? No where. Once the sympathetic pats on the back have stopped coming, they’re left a sad, discombobulated mess. They find it difficult to dig themselves out of the hole they’ve created and their loved ones become frustrated carrying the weight of their unhappiness.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely times when a victim is truly that, a victim. But right now, I’m talking about when things don’t go your way and you let that define you.

It’s something I’m really struggling with, to be honest. Though I’m surrounded by amazing people and blessed with an incredible husband and supportive family, I’m feeling unfulfilled creatively and in my career. And the question I keep coming back to is, how do I change that? How do I step outside myself to alter my reality instead of watching it unfold in front me? How can I be a participant instead of an observer?

Of course, I have yet to answer these rhetorical questions. I’m still searching. Of course, if you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them! Because right now, I’m just mulling these ideas over and over again in my mind. Trying to be inspired…trying to put one foot in front of the other until I’ve trudged through hell and back and figured out where I need and want to be. Guess I’ll let you know when I get there.

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