pesto turkey pasta recipe ( and a few meal prepping tips )

October 27, 2016

turkey pesto pastaDon’t mind me eating with a GIANT ASS spoon, by the way. They were out of forks at work.

So you know how I’m trying to take care of myself, mind, body and soul?

Well part of that whole “better me” journey includes eating right. Especially when I have the SUPER fun digestive issues I do. And the easiest way to eat right? Meal plan.

Now, you know I’m not the best at this. I’ve admitted it. Because sometimes I have one idea of what I want to eat one day, and by the time that day comes around? Meh, hard pass.

But, I have gotten pretty good at it recently. Out of necessity. And I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve learned thus far:

+ Create a document that helps you track everything. I use Google Spreadsheets to loosely outline my entire month. I break it down by day and meal (shown below). Sometimes I will even section off days when I know I’ll have a work-related event or be out of town.

Meal Plan

+ Pick one day to prep the majority of your meals. For me (and most people, it seems), that’s Sunday.

+ Take a look at your recipes and write out exactly what you need to make. For example, the recipe in this post consists of three main ingredients: ground turkey, brown rice and pesto. All of which need to be prepped before they can be placed together. By breaking down all the ingredients, you can also coordinate what you prep at the same time. For example, because there’s little to no effort that goes into prepping pastas, quinoa or rice, you can whip those up while working on another, more complicated recipe.


Alright, so let’s get down to the reason you’ve read this far (I assume). My favorite “meal planned” meal: turkey pesto pasta goodness.

turkey pesto pastaIt’s clean. It’s simple. It’s easy to pack and bring to work and mix up without anything intermixing beforehand and getting gross (any person who brings her lunch to work will understand this struggle).

The recipe (legit not even worth a recipe card peeps, it’s that easy):

You’ll need:

  1. Pesto (mine is homemade, but this recipe is similar. Or you could grab it from the grocery store – I love this Trader Joes pesto).
  2. Brown rice pasta (this is my favorite)
  3. Ground turkey (prepped simply, with salt and pepper; feel free to add additional spices when prepping if it’s your preference).

If you’re making this at home, of course you can throw them all together and sprinkle with some crystallized pink salt. But if you’re bringing it to work (as I often do), you can either keep the ingredients entirely separate and prep them while at work, to maintain freshness, or throw them together the night before or morning of. Super duper simple.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

turkey pesto pasta

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