seeya 2014!

December 31, 2014

won't you join us, New Year?HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE EVERYONE!

Holy shit this year flew by. I was cleaning up my iPhone and found photos from Easter and even 2013 that felt like they were taken yesterday. If 2015 goes as quickly as 2014, I’m afraid to blink for fear I’ll open my eyes to grand kids.

I’ll be posting Friday per usual (and maybe tomorrow to share a few 2015 resolutions), but just wanted to wish you all a very happy (and safe) New Year’s Eve celebration tonight and a wonderful day tomorrow! Hope you all start 2015 off on the right foot.

Today, I’m basically busy getting ready for tonight + writing down resolutions/goals with Ry. Then tonight, we’ll be with a few friends at Siena Tavern here in Chicago (drinks, apps and more drinks!). And tomorrow, according to Ryan, is all about basketball. So that means I’ll continue to organize the crap out of my life/planner/apartment/career and also meal plan for the “Lebron Challenge,” which I’ll try to post a little bit more about this weekend.

I’m a huge goal-oriented person, so I love the idea of a fresh start and a fresh year. For me, it not only renews my creative energy, it renews my drive and motivation.

Enough about me though. Blah.

What are you all up to tonight? Staying in or heading out on the town? DISH!


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