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September 2, 2016

september downloadsCan you tell where I got the inspo for these desktop downloads?

Okay, okay. It doesn’t take a genius…

Pumpkins Spice Lattes are available at Starbucks! Which basically means Fall is unofficially upon us. And guess what? I am *not* mad about it.

sept01_wallpaperDownload this wallpaper for your desktop here.

Seriously, when you’ve lived in the midwest basically your entire life, you start to get the seasons down to a science. And this is what I’ve decided:

January – March are miserable. Stay in your apartments because the weather is torture.

April – May are when things begin to soften. It’s when spring starts to peak it’s head and you’re getting eager for summer.

June – Early July is a comfortable summer situation.

Late July – September(ish) is the ass-sweating heat of summer for the most part. It’s not as comfortable or beautiful as it may seem.

September(ish) – November are peak Fall months. Pumpkins. Cozy blankets. Candles. Cardigans. Everything nice.

November – December it starts to get a bit nipply, but it’s not too bad. In fact, you’re kind of rooting for snow by Christmas.

And, as if on cue, the past week in Chicago has been bliss. It’s that perfect “69 and breezy” that feels like Fall, but where you can still walk around in a t-shirt and sandals. Total perfection. But then again, it’s supposed to be hot as balls again next week.

But enough of the weather, guess what?

I have no fucking plans this weekend!

You probably don’t believe me. Hell, I barely believe me. It will probably be short-lived. But omg! I’m so excited! As a total introvert, I’ve desperately needed time to myself the past few months (I’m definitely nearing burnout), so I’m very much looking forward to reading, organizing (get way too much pleasure out of a clean apartment and an organized budget), blogging and visiting the Mariano’s that just went up in our neighborhood!

If you haven’t been to a Mariano’s, please stop reading this and run to the nearest location. Seriously, favorite grocery store EVER.


Download this wallpaper for your desktop here.

What are you all doing this Labor Day? Downloading these wallpapers I hope, and obviously visiting a Mariano’s if you’ve never been, buuuut then what? Tell me tell me tell me!

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