Tech Worth Lusting Over |February 2016

February 24, 2016

apps + tech things worth lusting over (february edition)

  1. Dress Your Tech (Design Love Fest): This is the only¬†blog/site I use for my desktop and iPhone background. The wallpapers are free and made by a variety of artists, so there’s always one to fit my mood and vibe. Oh, and they come out with new ones practically every week! I hope to one day do this on my blog (give away more free wallpapers), but for the time being, I totally recommend this site.
  2. Lychee: *Ladies Only* I saw Jen from use this app for tracking her ladies’ days, so of course I had to give it a shot (because being off the pill = no clue when my period comes). Definitely worth the free download.
  3. Forks Over Knives (app): This is a paid app, but…totally worth it for such a great compilation of all the recipes. When I decided to go vegan for February, this was the first app I downloaded. Another great feature? It creates grocery lists from the recipes you choose to make for the week. They’re also constantly adding new recipes, so it’s never getting old. Basically, for less than the price of a latte, you could have tons of healthy recipes from your fave bloggers and chefs. Not a bad deal.
  4. Scannable: This is more practical, but also just a cool, crazy thing. Essentially you can scan notes or documents and turn them into text for your phone. TOO cool. It also hooks up to Evernote, which is a major bonus too.
  5. Art for Your Ear Podcast: If you’re an artist or appreciate the arts in any way, you need to listen to The Jealous Curator’s podcast. Such interesting and inspiring discussions. I loved listening to these on in the summer, on Saturday mornings while walking Kero. Now, they just brighten up my commute!
  6. The Smart Passive Income Podcast: Another great podcast to listen to if your’e a blogger, entrepreneur or wanna be entrepreneur.
  7. The Lively Show: This podcast comes courteous of the used-to-be-Chicago-based blogger Jess Lively. She talks entrepreneurship, but with a healthy/spiritual/wellness twist. It’s like zen mixed with “you go girl” vibes.
  8. Feedly: This is an app, but I’m currently only using the desktop version and am loving it. Essentially it’s like Bloglovin’ and aggregates all your favorite sites and blogs, but it’s better than Bloglovin’ (which was always crashing on me because I’m a tab whore).
  9. Millennial Money Podcast: These podcasts are short and sweet; little nuggest of wisdom that are especially applicable to my fellow 20 year olds. Can you tell I’m trying to get my finances in order?

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