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The Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone

April 25, 2014

my fav health and fitness apps -  midwestlovefest.comLike most 20-some year olds, I’m attached to my phone. When I make a concerted effort to be away from it, I am unbelievably happy, sure. But, that’s not too often. And real life? Having my iPhone handy does have its benefits, at least when it comes to helpful, apps. Here are a few that help me stay on top of my health game:

1. MyFitnessPal – There are tons of calorie counting apps, but this one is my favorite and the only one I’ve ever used. It has a huge library of food items to choose from, including well-known brands and restaurants. Plus, it easily syncs with other fitness tracking apps or bracelets, has a great community and is easy to use on your desktop.

2. Runtastic – At some point I lucked out and was able to upgrade this app for free, but even the basic, free version is great. You can choose from a list of activities (walking, running etc.) and it lets you know distance, length and rough calorie burn.

3. Breathe – This is the perfect app to help improve your meditation practice. I’ve legit done this at work because the meditations can be so short. Plus, before you meditate, the app does a “check-in” to better tailor your session.

4. Yoga Studio – I’ve been to numerous actual yoga classes, and the voice/short videos in this app are pretty close to the actual thing. Plus, you can arrange the poses to create a completely personalized routine.

5. AnyList – This app works well for any to-do list, but its special power is that it can include and sync with multiple users. Meaning, my fiancé and I can add our must-have items to one grocery list. Then, once we are in the store, we can pull up our iPhones and cross each item off our shared list. Perfection.


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