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November 26, 2014

thrifty thanksgiving day decor

Sorry this is a bit late and these photos are smaller than usual, but I shared this DIY decor last year on my old blog. Then that blog got deleted, so…I thought I’d re-share on here! Still relevant, especially when I’m posting this a day before Thanksgiving–when you’d probably need to decorate in an uber thrifty way.

I’ll say this decor is quick. And very rustic, which is what I was going for.

I was tasked with making two tables looking presentable THE DAY OF Thanksgiving. Amidst all the other commotion. We had two tables and limited cloths that would cover both of them. So this is what I did:

I made table mats out of leftover brown paper bags. Usually you’d get these from the grocery store, which is perfect since you are probably running there to get food. Essentially, I tried to tear them apart at the seams and cut out the main, most in tact rectangle. Pretty simple.

thrifty thanksgiving day decor thrifty thanksgiving day decorLucky for us, we had some perfect rustic-looking plates that really added to the “theme.”

For the other table, we only had an orange table cloth available, which wouldn’t even cover the entirety of the table. So I placed it in the middle, to add a bit of color (and, really, try to protect the surface). I then threw some different sized mason jars, with tea lights in them, on top of the plastic cloth. Add a bit of ambiance, you know.

Finally, we had some flowers and a pumpkin leftover from…something. I pray to Yeezus it wasn’t from Halloween.

Anyway, I started by painting the pumpkin white, using acrylic paint (can’t have an orange pumpkin on an orange table cloth!). Next, I snatched a small plastic bucket, traced the rim on the pumpkin using a pencil, and cut out that middle. I then secured the plastic bucket into the pumpkin, to act as a durable vase, and placed the flowers inside. I cut the stems at different lengths to help conceal any plastic poking out.

thrifty thanksgiving day decor thrifty thanksgiving day decorThe other table was considerably larger. Luckily, we had a nice white table cloth, but no nice centerpiece.

Living in the woods, my parents have tons of leftover wood–from building projects or fallen trees. I went downstairs in my dad’s “tool area” and dug around until I found this almost driftwood-like log. It was beat up. I wanted to use it, but didn’t want the dirty part on my mom’s white cloth. My only quick solution was to use Mod Podge to paint the underside of the wood and glue on a brown paper bag, that was cut to size. I also used Mod Podge on the borders, to help contain any other fragments.

thrifty thanksgiving day decorNow, this part, I will say, you have to have a table saw and drill. If you don’t, I’m sure there are plenty of other less-fancy ways you could do this. Maybe just place tea lights on your piece of wood. Still, pretty cool looking! But, I took it one step further.

We had tiny log pieces lying around the yard from a fallen tree earlier that year. I had my dad cut them to various sizes and use 1.5″ spade bit to drill a tea-light sized hole in each little wood stump. I then secured the tea light and arranged all the pieces of wood in what, I believe, was an appealing way. And boom! Rustic centerpiece.

thrifty thanksgiving day decorThis whole thing worked out so well, I believe we kept the wooden centerpiece to use again this year. We will see! I was very impressed with how it all came out. Especially considering I had a few hours to pull it all together.

What do you think? How are you decorating this year?



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