The Whole 30 (And Where I’m At)

June 3, 2015

Breaking Down The Whole 30

Alright you guys. The Whole 30. Yes. I spoke about it Monday, remember? Well do you also remember that I mentioned starting work yesterday? Yes? Well, you probably saw the stars aligning not in my favor and, yep…wrong time to start the Whole 30.

My bad, my bad. I know!

The Whole 30 said to prepare and be ready, and I thought I was…food-wise. But, apparently, not life-wise.

Basically, I went to this day-long client meeting. I knew it’d be tough to stay on-track so I packed a Larsbar, but assumed they would have a basic salad option (since most client meetings do). Well, nope. Not this time. They brought in delicious, but totally off-plan, Chipotle burritos and chips and guac. That’s it. Keep in mind, this was in a corporate park, so there were no other options to walk to AND this was my first day on a new job at a client office, so I didn’t want to offend anyone by skipping all together. So, I ate a vegetarian burrito. But it was still rice and tortilla.

I really trust this program and want to give it 100%, which means postponing it for now (possibly till fall), when there are no first days, not so many weddings and not so much traveling. I just want to be honest with you because FOR ONCE I was going to do a healthy food program and complete it. But I know that I can’t restart it now, without prematurely ruining it again at today’s unpredictable day-long client meeting (yep, another one) or my trip to LA at the end of the month.

Okay, now that you know where I’m at, I do still want to introduce the Whole 30 to you because I really believe it works; that it isn’t a gimmick or some “get thin fast” diet (in fact, it says to go on it without your main focus being weight loss). Sure, it’s tough. But not as tough as the nay-sayers would lead you to believe (the fact I passed up fried mac ‘n’ cheese balls, sangria and burgers last Friday is a small testament to that). Plus, if you’re still trying to get beach-ready, eating this clean will definitely give you a major boost in the right direction.

So, what is the Whole 30 program?

Essentially, the Whole 30 is similar to the Paleo diet (which, by the by, I actually don’t totally support as a lifelong diet, just FYI). Essentially, you cut out all dairy, legumes, grains and sugar for 30 days.

Why do people do this?

Some people do it to lose weight (which does happen), however they don’t advocate for this (you’re not even allowed to use a scale). It’s supposed to “restart” your gut by getting rid of all the potential harmful or inflammatory foods that we usually consume on a day to day.

I could never give up cheese and rice!

Believe this Wisconsinite, I didn’t think I could either. But I did! Even gave up hummus (which I lurvee). It’s possible, just make sure you have a clear goal (mine has been making my gut healthier and, yes, getting ready to don a bikini at the end of the month).

Sounds like a lot of work…

It’s a bit of work. Clearly, I suggest planning a period of time where things may be a bit slower in your life and you’re able to easily pack your own lunches and eat dinners at home because, even though you can eat out on the diet, it’s not very easy (plus you never know 100% what the chef added or cooked your food with and many cooking oils aren’t allowed). Luckily, if you plan a little better than I did, the Whole 30 gives you a lot of help with forums to ask questions and support other whole 30-ers, and meal plan/shopping list downloads (which accommodate a variety of diets).

P.S. I’m still going to continue eating clean-ish, but I knew that this program was something I wanted to do for 30 days and didn’t want to short-change myself from that. That said, I do plan on trying it again this fall when I know I have 30 days to fully and successfully dedicate to it.

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