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November 21, 2014

Okay, so I love “day in the life” posts. When I’m reading other blogs and they have posts that are more journal-type entries (like the old school blog post used to be) they’re kind of my favorite. Because it’s like, “Oh! This lady is similar to me!” or “Oh! She’s fit, but still eats fries!” It’s just refreshing and interesting. So I thought I’d do a post like that. Not that my day is inherently interesting, but just because I think it’d be fun. But you tell me if you like it, deal?

This was my day yesterday:

DITL6:30AM: Groggily woke up to my alarm. Laid around for a few minutes before brushing my teeth, getting into workout clothes and heading downstairs to the gym.

Finally had an empty area by the weight benches to foam roll and do one of the circuits from Kayla Itsines. By the grace of God, I finished it.

7:20AM-ish: Got back to the apartment, took a shower, threw on my outfit (on Thursdays we wear pink!), did my make-up and called my dad to ask for some career advice. Normal things.

Went into the kitchen to get my lunch/snack situation ready for the day. I packed leftover tomato soup, an arugula salad with frozen edamame packet (that I forgot to bring with me), some applesauce and oatmeal. I then started on a crockpot dinner (will share the recipe soon!), packed up my purse and headed out to catch the bus.

DITL58:20AM: Waiting for the bus in the cold is the worst. Luckily, the 146 pulled up a minute after I got to my stop. I actually don’t mind the morning commute. It’s nice to just look out the window, listen to Spotify, read The Skimm and chill. I usually surf Instagram or post any Instagram photos while I’m on my commute.

day in the life of midwestlovefest day in the life of midwestlovefest9:00AM: Usually I eat breakfast at home or grab a smoothie/juice from Protein Bar next door, but today I brought in oatmeal. Mixed the oatmeal with some almond butter, honey and a banana for a hearty breakfast. I threw my packed lunch stuff in the fridge.

9:15AM: Post a blog post! Hooray!

10:30AM: I usually have a snack around this time (I “stoke the fire” all day, baby!), but my late/big breakfast has me full.

day in the life of midwestlovefest11:30AM: Leave for lunch a little early to get a manicure next door. Notre Dame-themed for the game this weekend! The manicurists were probably talking about me though because at one point all five of them gathered around to watch the technician paint the border around my nail.

12:30PM: Time for lunch: arugula salad with some feta cheese (sans those damn edamames I forgot) and tomato soup. Dessert: A piece of 80% dark chocolate and some unsweetened apple sauce.

3:00PM: Starting to get a bit hungry, so I suck on a few small pieces of organic honey hard candy.

5:00PM: Leave for the day. And lucky for me, today is my “Friday” since we are headed to Notre Dame with Ryan’s parents tomorrow. The commute home isn’t as pleasant as the morning commute (usually it’s very crowded, and it’s dark outside which makes me want to be home). Luckily, it’s not too bad tonight and I get off the bus and head to Whole Foods to pick up flowers and some last minute things for dinner.

day in the life of midwestlovefest day in the life of midwestlovefest6:15PM: Finish cleaning up the apartment, while Ryan is at the airport picking up his parents. I throw in a piece of gum to keep my appetite at bay till dinner. Put flowers in their vase, finish my slow-cooker soup, light a candle, warm up the apartment and jump on the phone with my mom to catch up.

day in the life of midwestlovefest day in the life of midwestlovefest7:15PM: Homemade garlic bread is in the oven, soup is done and apartment is clean. I read some blogs and wait for Ryan’s parents.

8:00-8:45PM: The in-laws arrive. We eat and finish a late dinner. I’m used to eating around 6PM, so I’m starvin. But dinner turned out AH-mazing. Can’t wait to share the recipe soon!

day in the life of midwestlovefest9:00-10:00PM: Nothing’s on TV that we all like, so we settle for watching old episodes of Comedians in Cars getting coffee on Ryan’s laptop. I sneak a See’s chocolate that Ryan’s parents brought. So good.

10:00PM: I’ve been so sleepy recently, it’s time for bed! I brush my teeth, clean my face and head to bed to watch The Daily Show & The Colbert Report. No setting my alarm today since I’m off work Friday, but I’ll probably be getting up at 6:30AM regardless. Internal clock problems.

And now it’s Friday and I’m on my way to Notre Dame! Yes, I’m blogging in the car. Starbucks by my side. Some snacks from Whole Foods in my purse. That’s all normal right?

Okay, dish. Would you want to see more of these types of posts?

P.S. Hope you have a wonderfully warm weekend! If you want to keep updated with my shenanigans over the next few days, follow me on Insta!

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