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March 27, 2014

Well…today I didn’t do so hot.

wednesday's meals #midwestlovefest

I started off really good–an acai bowl with granola and a banana. Then a grapefruit for a snack (not pictured) and some oatmeal with beautiful red strawberries that seemingly exploded in the microwave (what is the issue with oatmeal and microwaves!?) for lunch.

However, I was still hungry (what with the oatmeal explosion), so I was easily tempted by my offices’ media team when they emailed me about extra food. 1/3 of a slice of cookie cake, a few pieces of various brownies and 1/2 a vegetable chicken wrap later …and well there ya go. Feeling a bit guilty, but trying not to beat myself up too bad. Finally for dinner, I had a packet of edamame with some soy sauce, an apple with a bit of almond butter for dessert and then somehow got hungry and had a bit of “natural” corn flakes from Whole Foods with soy milk.


What I’ve learned from this is that I need to start packing snacks or nuts for that extra crunch I’m missing, and back-up lunches in case my food explodes. This “incident” aside, I will say I threw away the majority of my cookie cake (progress) and I do plan on continuing with cutting out the majority of processed sugar from my diet. I’m also going to start tracking my calorie intake to play it safe until I get back on Midwest time and can make it to the gym in the morning (probably starting Sunday).

Tally ho!


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