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May 19, 2014

This weekend was a bit of a roller coaster ride. Lots to see. Lots to do. Lots to get done. And no time for sleep. Needless to say, my workout will be after work today (since waking up this morning was pure struggle).

midwestlovefest weekend midwestlovefest weekendRyan and I drove down to Milwaukee Friday after work. We got there earlier than planned (around 8ish) and went to dinner at one of our favorite spots by the river, Water Buffalo (in the 3rd ward). Dinner there is always great, but it was packed since it was graduation weekend. So we ended up at a little table, which didn’t matter because the food was amazing as always (we split a salad and I had soup).

After dinner was the main event: Kaskade at OAK Lounge. If you don’t know who Kaskade is, he is one of the most popular DJs in the world right now (some of his music can be found here and here). But when he decided to go on tour this time, he wanted to go back to his “roots” and play small, local venues. Meaning, rather than a sold out stadium, we were in a small bar with 200 people.

As the night wore on (and the two opening DJs played), I hated the packed room more and more (drunk people were literally falling and bumping me around the crowd). However, once Kaskade was on (around 12), the small crowd became a karmic blessing because, somehow, we made it to the front of the concert. Right by the speakers (after we left, my ears wouldn’t stop ringing). I got a few awesome shots on my phone, and it’s probably the closest I’ll ever be to a musician/DJ.

After the concert, around 2am, we drove home to Appleton, which is about 1.5 hours away. Luckily, neither of us had much to drink and Ryan decided to drive, so I caught a few minutes of sleep. By the time we got to my parents’ house it was close to 4am. Exhaustion.

But, of course, my body is used to waking up early. So by 8:30am on Saturday, I was awake and ready to go rummage sale shopping with my mom (woohoo! rummage sale season!). We didn’t really have much luck (almost scored 2 wing-backed chairs for $60, but they were already sold…I was so bummed). But it showed me what hard-core rummage sale shopping can do! Next, we went to do my first dress fitting. Long story short, and after a few more hours than I planned, I found my shoes and got my dress fitted!

Then, I finally went home to relax a bit with Ryan, who had been lounging in bed catching up on sleep and watching re-runs of Parks & Rec. We went grocery shopping, watched Labor Day (good movie!) and then ate some dinner when my parents came home with my little sister (they had helped her move into her new dorm for the summer). We all watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (really good movie) followed by SNL hosted by Andy Samberg (heard it was good but fell asleep).

Woke up by 7am Sunday to go to my other sister’s college graduation! Which, was beautiful. And she was beautiful. Obviously Ryan and I were a bit exhausted (note the disoriented picture below), but everything turned out okay and we left the area at 6pm, after a celebratory dinner, to head back to Chitown and crash.

midwestlovefest weekend midwestlovefest weekend IMG_1386 midwestlovefest weekendNeedless to say, I am really looking forward to a long weekend. Even though I’ll be back in Appleton, at my parents’ house, to go to Jen’s grad party.

What did you do this past weekend? Any plans for Memorial Day?

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