weekend relaxing sesh 5

October 26, 2015

weekend relaxing sesh 5I can’t stop taking pics of my little puppy. I’m such a proud dog mom..

So, I have this theory that hen you turn 25, your entire life just spins out of control and it’s next to impossible to control the busyness. Or at least, that’s how it’s felt for me this past year. Like a Jackson Pollock painting–gorgeous, but really messy. *le sigh* Wont’ bother you with the details. Just hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



  • I watched this awhile ago, but am newly obsessed with it. Probably because of this. Too funny.
  • Okay, obviously I’m still on an Amy Schumer kick.
  • Loving this SNL situation.
  • Hoping this turns into a 45 min podcast.
  • How to take the perfect selfie.
  • Dog videos. ‘nuf said.


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