weekend relaxing sesh 6

November 1, 2015

session 6

Happiest of Sundays to all of you. I’ve had such a happy, cozy and productive weekend. Definitely feeling the benefits of a “no plans” weekend and hoping there will be quite a few of these as the weather continues to cool and it gets a bit, um, less friendly to be outside. Kero’s also been surprisingly snuggly today (he’s been sleeping alongside me for the past 4 hours), but no complaints here. More time to meal prep, blog, read, clean and sleep. Just the way I like it. Hope you’ve all had a lovely Halloween weekend too!


  • I know sugar is bad (that’s why I’m trying hard to kick my sweets craving), but this article just proves how toxic the stuff really is.
  • Love these fitness tips to learn before you’re 30. Can you tell I’m trying to psyche myself back into being healthier?
  • Then again, there’s this pizza diet.
  • Instagram habits of the fashion blogging elite.
  • I want ALL the nature-inspired decor.


  • Dogs like superheroes too.
  • Have you watched Adelle’s new video yet? It’s gorgeous.
  • Happy for this whale, but annoyed SeaWorld was the organization that made the call. Can’t help but think it’s a PR move.


  • This clay mask situation. Cheap and proven to work, how could I not want it?
  • Need a new winter jacket and am oddly attracted to bold colors like this one. Then again, I love this too. And this.
  • Ohymygosh, I need this too.
  • With winter coming, I’m on a Timbalands kick recently. Especially this one, this one, and this one.
  • These heels!

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