weekend relaxing sesh 8

November 17, 2015

weekend relaxing seshSo, we’re almost half way through the week, and I’m posting this now. WOW. Guess that’s the level I’m on right now.

Hoping to carve out time to continue to clean up this space ( .. and my apartment), as well as my life. But hope you’re all having a good start to your week!


  • Mock me now, but I could see reading Khloe’s new book. Especially after reading her food journal entry. Doesn’t sound too bad. #goals
  • Style advice via Nasty Gal.
  • Though I’m no where near this point in my life, this is such an honest and well-written piece about the shame associated with failing to get pregnant.


  • Good for College Humor for doing this video. Funny and memorable.
  • Even though I get cable, Amazon Prime and Netflix (yes, I have a pop culture problem), I’m still a sucker for free tv shows. Has anyone been watching Shitty Boyfriends?
  • I admittedly love the Victoria’s Secret Show (set design + costume design is INSANE), but have mixed emotions on how much weight these young models put on making the cut.
  • Okay, who else is excited for Finding Dory?
  • Missy‘s back, ya’ll.


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